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About Us

ADF Inc.
Established in 1999, in operation since 1980.
Share Capital JPY3,000,000

The advertisement of gChiyu-no-Arukikatah Travel Guidebook has started in 1985.
The business was begun by the request from Diamond Big co., Ltd.
At first, we had done the market research, collection of data, and made media guide.

The business activities had begun in 1986.
At that time, there was no advertisement in gChikyu-no-Arukikatah Guide Book, therefore the first business of advertisement was begun by our representative Mr. Inomata, as name of gChikyu-no-Arukikata Advertisement Roomh.

After all, advertisement department was founded in Diamond Big co., Ltd..
So gChikyu-no-Arukikata Advertisement Roomh had changed the name to gChikyu-no-Arukikata Projecth which leads to now.

In 2015, we will enter the 30th year of business career.




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