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Chikyu-No-Arukikata Series

Globe-Trotter Travel Guidebook

The best-selling travel guidebook series in Japan. Our guidebook titles are divided into 5 areas; Europe, North and South America, Pacific Ocean/Indian Ocean and Islands and Oceania, Asia, Middle East and Africa, covering 113 titles in total.

Practical, having fresh, up-dated information and user-friendly, our guidebook series highlights the major places of interest, describing their principal attractions and offering sound suggestions on where to tour, stay, eat, shop and relax.

It also includes over area maps, town plans and locator maps, and a number of full-color photographs. You will probably notice many Japanese tourists are carrying our guidebooks in your local area!

Size: 135mm x 210mm

Globe-Trotter Resort

The guidebook for enjoying luxury resorts that is highly praised by the most selective repeat travelers. With a full lineup of resort hotels, the guidebook includes comparisons, quality color pictures and detailed information on food, shopping and activities.

Size: 148mm x 210 mm


Globe-Trotter By Train

This publication focuses on highly popular mountain trams, scenic routes, ultra high-speed trains and luxurious train travel in Europe.While providing detailed information on railway conditions and train features by country, many outstanding travel routes by train are also introduced.

The ultimate guidebook unrivaled by any other responds to the needs of European railroad travel funs.

Size: 135mm x 210mm

Globe-Trotter Mook

Mook is an appealing magazine-like guide satisfying the most trend-setting female travelers in their late 20s to 30s.

This series presents real-time information about the hottest brands, shops, restaurants as well as regular, popular spots.

A special selection includes information obtained in careful interviews by the Globe-Trotter.

Size: 210mm x 257mm




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